Brock Lumsden

Owner, President, Grand Poobah

Brock is the visionary (maniac) who started BLD – now BOLD Event Creative .  His diverse background designing theatre, events, exhibits, television, retail stores, costumes, opening ceremonies, and brand activations all led him to found a company that does so many different things. (ask the staff,  it’s his fault).   He continues to push his boundaries (and the boundaries of his staff), dreaming up the next way to expand, diversify, grow or alter the business in thoughtful and positive ways.  (Who says ADD is a bad thing?)   Most of all, he tries to constantly upgrade and increase the levels of service offered to his clients; to serve them and impress them in new and exciting ways.

Fun facts about

Brock learned he should be a designer by taking an intensive aptitude test when he was 22.

His largest project had over 11000 costumes, 9000 props, and 6000 performers.

Brock loves to sail and can be seen in summer months cruising the Gulf Islands in his very un-fancy 1974 Catalina 27 .

Paul Chilton

General Manager and Head of Exhibits

Paul is originally from Coventry, England where he was trained in all aspects of construction work and project management. Paul joined the BOLD team 6 years ago bringing with him over 25 years of commercial and retail construction experience.   His skills span extensively across the disciplines of fabrication, design and project management making him uniquely suited to serve BOLD’s corporate and civic clientele.

Fun facts about

Is the creator of BOLD’s Super Hero Wednesday and can regularly be seen wearing his Hulk gloves and stomping about the office.

Paul is a skilled and passionate guitar player with a recording studio in his home.

Paul knows the key to any employee’s heart is through their stomach and keeps a well-stocked “bicky” drawer in his desk for the whole BOLD team to enjoy.

Lauren Walker

Lead Project Manager, Head of Production

Lauren Walker is head of production and has been with the company since it’s inception in 2006.  She has worked her way up from scenic painter and set decorator.  With over 15 years in the event industry she has done everything from driving trucks to basic lighting.

Fun facts about

She has 3 beautiful daughters ranging from 24 to 5.

She loves gardening (when she gets time)

Her favorite install was working with a paleontologist to reconstruct dinosaur skeletons at Science World.

Cindy Cormier

Warehouse & Logistics Manager

Cindy joined the BOLD team 6 years ago with a 10 years background in the event industry. She brings her passion for customer service, efficiency and teamwork to her role and ensures that our warehouse delivers a quality product, on time, every time.

Fun facts about

She loves funny hat day.

She’s always happy to share with you that little snack you brought.

Her favorite place in the world is on the top of a mountain somewhere.

Angelina Corona

Creative Director and Project Manager, Events

Angelina has a fashion design and merchandising background. She has worked as an editorial and commercial stylist both on and off-figure, as a costumer for theatre and film as well as a window display artist. Her vast retail and wholesale experience led her into designing trade exhibitions and dabbling in wedding and custom private parties before becoming a member of the BLD team.

Fun facts about

Independent and ambitious, she has travelled to 14 (and counting) different countries SOLO.

Her 15 seconds of fame happened when Jay Z gave her a shout out in front of a crowd of 50,000 people.

She has an embarrassing addiction to (gaudy) Ormolu collectibles.

Aubin McIlwarth

Office & HR Manager, Call Steward, Rentals Assistant, Office Mother

Aubin has been with BOLD for 10 years, starting as a warehouse crew member in 2006 when BLD first came into fruition. She brings her past stage management skills and ongoing OCD into her current station, keeping up the illusion of an organized office. She has been married to her amazing husband Liam for 18 year, and has 2 awesome children, Conor & Shaylah.

Fun facts about

She is a collector of Marilyn Monroe and Betty Boop memorabilia.

She is an avid poker player.

She loves to bake.

Heather Priban

Business Development

Heather joined our team as the Rentals Manager launching our newest division and bringing to market, for the first time, our huge inventory of decor pieces.  As a result of over 10 years of diverse event industry experience she has grown to take on the role of Business Development and helps promote and direct each of our decor based divisions.

Fun facts about

She is a classically trained chef, holding her certificate in Culinary Arts.

She is a board game fanatic; her favourite being the classic, Clue.

Heather's husband is such a sweetie that when they share a bag of skittles he saves her all the red ones, because they are her favourite.

Joannie Routhier

Warehouse Supervisor

Joannie has worked at BLD for 2 years. She is in charge of the centrepiece and linen department. She is passionate about ensuring our product is in top condition before it leaves for your event.

Fun facts about

Her favourite thing to do is drive through the mountains and enjoy the view.

She has a diploma in Social work

Every morning, Joannie says Hi to the mountains, even if it’s a little crazy...

Monica Thorsness

Production Assistant

Monica joined the BLD team in November 2013 and hasn’t looked back. She comes to BLD with a degree in Business Administration, another in Display/Visual Presentation, and 10+ years working in the Events
Industry. Monica also brings along her experience in Musical Theatre Production Management and Dance Show Stage Management.

Fun facts about

She has sung in an a cappella chorus for almost 30 years.

Her other hobby for the last 6 years is dancing Flamenco

In her small amount of extra spare time Monica is equally happy in the middle of a forest or sipping wine with her husband in a vineyard.

Karen Mirfield

Project Manager

Karen joined our team in 2012, bringing her talents from theatre & film design plus retail purchasing to the company.
As a project manager in our events division, Karen’s keen focus on decor details and passion for supportive customer service help bring every event to life.

Fun facts about

She is a skilled scenic painter, however, cannot find any of her brushes.

She loves to dance and do cartwheels on a quiet afternoon in the office.

Her passion is travelling. She holds two passports and thinks she is a double agent.

Robyn Thompson

Creative Director & Project Manager, Exhibits

As a Creative Director and Project Manager for the Exhibits team Robyn enjoys the challenging roll of bridging the gap between pure concept design and physical creation.
Robyn brings an eclectic background ranging from stage design and build to event design and management to advertising design and brand creation.

Fun facts about

She has been a Registered Massage Therapist for 12 years. She is passionate about health, fitness and the study of Anatomy.

She spends every moment she can outside. She loves to hike and camp. This season she is looking forward to her first back country camp by canoe.  

She loves a good mystery, solving puzzles, finding clues and noticing little details that no one else does.

Susan Low


Susan joined the BOLD team 6 years bringing with her 10 years of accounting experience.  She earned her degree in Economics from UBC and her CPA (formerly CGA) from the Institute of Chartered Accoutants of BC.  Susan manages all the day to day accounting and finance aspects of the company.

Fun facts about

Her favourite TV show is The Amazing Race which allows her to see all the different places in the world she hopes to one day visit.

Susan loves to design photo books online whenever she has the opportunity or the free time.

She has 3 kids ranging from 9 to 2 years of age so balancing work and family is a wonderful challenge.

Tee Haynes

Project Manager - Exhibits

Originally from Perth, Western Australia, Tee is our token Aussie.  Tee moved to BC in 2009 to work on the 2010 Winter Olympics…. And after falling in love with the place just kind of hung around (damn Aussies).

Tee has a strong project management and construction background with event experience including; music festivals, conferences and awards galas, major sporting events.  Starting as a casual back in 2012, Tee has gone from being a set of hands, to 5-ton driver, acting warehouse manager, to Project Manager.

Fun facts about

Tee is a proud father, puck-moving defenseman and music snob
He is proof that nice guys don’t always finish last
Don’t touch his Lego